How often do you wash your pajamas

How often do you wash your pajamas?

In summer, it is a good hygiene practice to pay attention to changing clothes every day. People wearing outdoor clothes during the day will be stained with a lot of dust. Therefore, changing to pajamas when sleeping is a good habit to pay attention to hygieneto avoid bringing bacteria and dust to the bed. But do you remember the last time youwashed your pajamas, is it a few days ago? A survey shows that on average men wear a set of pajamas for almost two weeks, while women wear the same set of pajamas for 17 days. The results of this amazing survey show that many people in real life tend to overlook the frequency of washing pajamas. Do not wash pajamas for a long time may cause skin infection and other problems. It is recommended to wash pajamas at least once a week.

How often do you wash your pajamas

Why don’t you wash your pajamas often?
All clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin, people will pay special attention to cleanliness, but it is one that is easy to be ignored by people. Although, in a literal sense, pajamas are clothes that you wear when you sleep, in fact, people are always used to wearing pajamas as home clothesand wear them when you go home, wearing it to cook, mop and do laundry. As everyone knows, this habit can make pajamas full of bacteria, dust and oil smoke. Pajamas are made for people who need to relax and be comfortable when they sleep. Generally, cotton is used that does not irritate the skin. The style is loose and enlarged and it is easy to drag to the ground and absorb dust.

According to the survey data, there are various reasons why respondents did not wash their pajamas regularly. 54% of women said that they have several sets of pajamas used alternately, so it is easy to forget when the pajamas were taken out of the closet; some women think that pajamas are worn for only a few hours every night, so there is no need to regularly wash; some women who feel that this set of pajamas is more comfortable to wear than other pajamas or that the pajamas do not smell strange, so they do not need to wash. 73% of men said that they never wash clothes and see them there, and then wear them directly; others think that pajamas are worn less often, and they do n’t smell whether it isstrange only the partner does n’t feel it is a problem.

How often do you wash your pajamas

It is recommended to change the wash every other day in summer
Many people think that taking a bath every day and wearing pajamas for a few weeks doesn’t matter. Dermatologists said that in fact, when we take a bath and go to sleep, our body’s metabolism continues and the skin continues to secrete oil and sweat, which will stick to the pajamas. Without washing for several weeks, these oils and sweat can irritate the skin and may cause folliculitis or sweat spots. Therefore, even people who bathe every day need to wash their pajamas frequently, especially those with oily skin. They need to change their clothes once every 1-2 days in summer and every three to five days in winter. Children should change their washing more frequently, especially for undergarments,they should change as soon as they sweat. In summer, they may change two or three sets a day.

Generally speaking, home clothes and pajamas should be separated. Don’t wear pajamas when doing housework, we should wear home clothes. Pajamas are worn personally and after washing, they should be dried under the sun to fully sterilize. Washing pajamas frequently can also prevent people from invading the bacteria. Otherwise, the bacteria on pajamas can easily cause diseases. For example, when you change your pajamas and put on another clothes, these bacteria will also be on other clothes; if a pajamas full of bacteria, during the washing process, bacteria will also stain the clothes which are washed together.

Do not change the towel

In addition to pajamas, pillow towels are also a hygienic dead end.
If you wash your face without changing the pillow towel, it is largely equivalent to not washing your face. Pillow towels are easily stained with dander, dust mites, fungi, bacteria, oils and dirt on the hair or skin, the contact time with the face is much longer than wiping face towels. Pay attention only to the cleanliness of facial skin and ignore cleanliness of pillow towelsisequivalent to not washing your face.

The time of sleep is that the skin on the face in contact with the pillow towel for a long time, if the pillow towel is dirty, it will become a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the pillow towel should be changed once every two or three days. People with skin infections or allergies should change it every day.

The best choice for pillow towels is pure cotton. Light colors are preferredand pure white is preferred. White bedding products generally use less dye, and the hidden dangers to health are relatively small. At the same time, white is also easy to judge whether it is thoroughly cleaned and urge people to replace it in time. When cleaning, it is best to choose hand washing. If machine washing, the water temperature should be controlled between 54 ~ 66, and washing for 15 ~ 20 minutes. After washing, it should be dried in time or dried under the sun to achieve the sterilization effect.By the way, if you are indeed interested with one of the onesies pajamas, welcome to buy it on wowpajamas.