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The god-like cosplay of these Marvel characters perfectly presents the characteristics of the characters

The current Marvel movies are very hot, especially Avengers 4, which is about to be released now. It is an innumerable and awaited movie. Then you know that those Marvel fans improperly liked the characters and imitated them. Cosplay of these characters.

Marvel movies

black widow marvel costume
1, Black Widow

Black Widow

As the first “heroine” in Marvel, how can there be no widow, the setting of the black widow in Marvel’s comics world is a beauty agent, known for her beauty, to cosplay the soul of this character , Yan value must pass. The widow Shen Yun is very good in the picture.

black widow marvel costume
2, Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is also very popular, and his superpowers are very powerful. He is even stronger than Iron Man Spider-Man and others. Such a character is very difficult to imitate. First of all, the gas field must be strong. The imitator must be confident enough to cosplay the role perfectly.

black widow marvel costume
3, Lingdie


black widow marvel costume
This is a mutant in Marvel. Although there are not many plays, but the face value is high, and as one of the Four Knights of Apocalypse, such a female character is also rare, although it is impossible to understand the character of this character in detail Features, but also attracted a lot of fans.