Black widow costumes

Black Widow Cosplay Costume Guide for Cosplayers

The convention season has already begun, but many are still coming. Maybe you will want to participate not as a visitor, but as a cosplayer! I myself am still a beginner in cosplay, having to my credit only two relatively simple costumes, but who taught me a lot about cosplay in general. If you’ve always dreamed of playing your favorite character, but still hesitate to get started or are not sure where to start, here are my tips for cosplayer and cosplayer apprentices. For trying Black Widow Costume Guide for Cosplayers this is important now.

Black widow costumes

1. Choose your character

Crucial step of all cosplay, the choice of his character is not always so easy as it seems! Some prefer to take a character that looks like them physically, someone else whose story touched them. It’s up to you to see who you want to slip into, and remember that in cosplay there are no rules.

Whether you want to embody the Little Mermaid, Black Widow, Batman, Sangoku, or a character of your invention, you have the right no matter your age, your morphology or your gender, it’s all the beauty of this art! Choose a costume that you like and in which you will be comfortable in public. The only real limit is perhaps to decide for a costume that is not very complicated for your first cosplay, especially if you have no knowledge of sewing or manual work. But again, it’s up to you and you alone to make the decision! From CosSuits you get the best info now.

Black widow costumes

2. Establish a battle plan

Once your choice is set, you will have to decide what type of costume you want to create: will it be an exact replica of the official costume or free interpretation of the character? Next answer, will start the research work on the suit. The Internet and its many specialized sites are a gold mine to find inspiration. Gather as many images of your character from every angle to determine what you need for your own costume.

You can even draw / make a photo montage of your future coat of light to help you. You can then start listing how you will perform each part of the cosplay. Clothing or fabric stores, thrift stores, hardware stores, decorations, plastic arts, military surpluses, online stores: this is a non-exhaustive list of where to buy raw materials.

3. Find help

If you already have a lot of sewing or DIY experience, you may not need help, but it is very likely that a helping hand is welcome. There are tons of tutos on the net to do a lot of things, from a sword 3 meters high to a cape of superheroes. Hundreds of sewing patterns are also easily accessible. You can also get help from your nearest grandmother or sewing club, your uncle or your best friend in art school.

Black widow costumes

4. No Pain No Gain

Do not give up. Finishing a cosplay may be longer and more complicated than expected, but the result will certainly be worth it! Check back often to your reference pictures and your list of items needed to make sure that you do not forget anything and that you are moving in the right direction. Often try the accessories and the parts of the costume on yourself to be certain that everything is at the right size.