Avengers superheroes

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better?

Marvel movie fans don’t have any affection for Marvel comics. The fans of superhero movies really noticed this from the 2008 Iron Man, but these live-action superhero movies are just a manifestation of the origin of comics. The shadow of the screen, film clothing is not able to reflect their original shape.

A foreign design team working with cosplay photographers highlights some of the major aspects of MCU’s The Avengers and comics, and shows what they would look like if they were loyal to the comic prototype. And some of them are correct in the movie.


What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

If there is an obvious difference between the Avengers and his comics on the screen, it is the Hawkeye.

On the big screen, Clint Barton took off his fancy pointed mask and uniform and put on a more tactical look. In 2012, the two (anime and film) Marvel universes had a little bit of intersection, and the Hawkeye comics costume was redesigned to look more like a movie version than a purple Wolverine with a scale. Whether in the Avengers or X-Men, we have never seen the old-fashioned mask on the big screen because the mask is out of date.

Both versions of the Hawkeye are very good at archery, and in any case they were the agents of the shield. According to reports, he has a secret family in the movie “Eagle Eye”, and all the family members in the comic book “Eagle Eye” are with Black Widow and Mockingbird – Bobby Mo Bobbi Morse – Maintaining a romantic relationship. The latter appeared in The SHIELD Agent for a while, but it was a completely independent relationship, separating the two universes again.


What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

Equally unrecognizable is Falcon, whose performance in the MCU is unlikely to be more distinctive than in comics. This is an exaggerated superhero costume: red and white, with huge red wings and a low neckline, leaving a lot of unprotected bare chest, plus a real pet falcon, you will watch Go to the funniest part of the comics. In the MCU he is a guy in a military uniform with a highly advanced technical wing. In any case, the goggles look much cooler than the white mask.

Falcon’s comic history is surreal and the MCU can never handle it. The falcon in the comic “Falcon” is not a retired paratrooper, but a criminal. He is spiritually integrated with a falcon by a red skull waving a cube, and the waterman on the land. Similarly, the Falcon has very limited control over all birds. It can be seen mentally through the eyes. If you try to put it on the big screen, don’t make it look ridiculous.


What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

When Thor first appeared in 1962, he wore the best pseudo-Nordic clothing, including the biggest wings you saw on the helmet, and the knee pads that made the goalkeeper blush. However, the strangest thing is that the six weird discs in front of Thor’s coat are so iconic that they have been accompanied by Thor, experienced many different costume changes, and even appeared in his movie costumes. On, although no one knows exactly what they are doing. The film “Thor” only occasionally wears a helmet with wings, and also chooses the armored weapon of Thors later, because the bare weapon is outdated. Beard problem, the comic “Thor” usually prefers to clean the beard.

The MCU ignored the story of Donald Black. Only the comic book Thor was demented, trapped in the body of a disabled medical student for 10 years, and later accidentally discovered his magic hammer. As a doctor, Black and Thor Thor lived a double life and fell in love with the nurse Jane Foster, which is obviously far from Jane Foster in the Marvel movie. In fact, picking up a recently published comic book, you might be surprised to find that Jane Foster is Thor Thor, because the comics are complex. “The Hulk” has already started shooting. The MCU just didn’t want the audience to see another slim and smart person turn into a muscular man, so poor Don Black was completely abandoned.

Scarlet Witch

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

When the color of your outfit is named after you, you really can’t change too much clothing, but the MCU has made a less exposed look for their live-action version of The Wrath of the Witch. In the comics, she only wore a low-cut dress and a pointed headgear. Fortunately, for the MCU’s MPAA rating, the Scarlet Witch’s screen clothing is more like the “Fall Fashion Collection”. Not a “naughty magician’s assistant.”

The MCU’s blushing witch and fast silver are purely a product of a movie company’s quarrel, not a Hollywood genius. In comics, the twins are born mutants until their origins are redefined as genetic experiments, which are somewhat different from mutants in comics, which are experimental products of Hydra. The comic book “The Witch of the Witch” also has the power to completely surround the “chaotic magic” of the universe, which has nothing to do with bringing people to change their minds. She can basically change the probability of something happening, which is good for Vegas, but not always good at killing an Austrian team.

Fast silver

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

MCU’s Quick Silver Quicksilver should not be confused with Fox’s X-Men’s Quick Silver Quicksilver, which has a more accurate variant of origin. The comic strip “Fast Silver” has been worn in many different costumes, from lightning-themed green tights to lightning-themed blue tights. The MCU actually cleverly incorporates this model into Fast Silver’s sports equipment, but this is another example, and we are happy that we have not got a complete spandex package.

Of course, fast silver is very, very fast, which is hard to mess up. Before joining the Avengers, he was also a bad guy, just like the MCU version, so the plot transition of this movie is actually not that unusual, even though the comic book “Fast Silver” was in his first adventure. It did not show up. On the contrary, he married a woman without humanity and lived a very fulfilling life. We don’t even want to talk about how the ultimate cosmic fast silver has a romantic relationship with his own sister, because that’s just a creepy field of fiction.


What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

In Marvel Comics, Vision Vision is a simple-designed robot with bright red faces, green and yellow clothing, and an energy gem on his head. The illusion in the movie is obviously more like a robot, full of patterns and obvious mechanical design. It seems that some people want people to be absolutely sure that this guy is a robot, and the huge yellow collar in the comics is gone.

When he made his debut in The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron, he only implanted the illusion into their universe by changing a lot of tiny details. Although both versions were created by Altron, the comic “Ao Chuang” was created by the ant rather than Tony Stark, which means that the entire family of the illusion is a bit different. Tony Stark actually got too much praise, especially in comics, which used an old robot that had been lying on the ground since the golden age. Although the gems of the illusion are powerful, it is completely different from the infinite gems of the live version. However, what remains unchanged is the romantic interest of the illusion of the blushing witch. In the comics, they got married, and this relationship is just beginning to sprout in the MCU.

Captain America

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

The best thing about Captain America is his classic hat. Although his clothes are always subtly changing, the most obvious difference between the first appearance of the hat and today’s hat is the iconic shield. Initially, it was only a shield shape and later evolved into the circular shield he now uses. Like most MCU costumes, Captain America looks more interesting than his comic book. In comics he often wears scaly armor. Steve Rogers even simplified it for a while with a super warrior costume, removed the flag-like stripes, and adopted a new logo, which we have seen in the MCU.

The MCU version of the American captain is almost entirely a comic version, which makes his appearance in the film particularly enjoyable. In the MCU, the US team is a patriotic character before he is considered a hero. In the comics, the US team pretends to be a clumsy soldier, performing secret missions with the camp’s Bucky and Roosevelt’s shield. Little Red Riding Hood lost his super powers, regained them, died, and resurrected. He even thought he was a Hydra agent.

Ant man

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

The change in costume between comics and MCU is fortunate. In the early performances of Ants, the helmet that controlled the ant was a huge silver dome that resembled an alien. It was a good choice for science fiction movies, but it was rough on the big screen. . Fortunately, the hero of Paul Luther looks more like wearing a high-energy suit. Although both helmets have an ant-like appearance, the MCU version of the helmet is superior.

Since the MCU is already full of genius heroes, the ants have not received much praise as a technical genius. To be precise, there is more than one ant in the MCU and comics. The original Hank Pym had been wearing this suit with the Avengers before giving up, and later Scott Lang stole the suit from Pim to help his family. It should be very familiar. The film mixes the timeline, the ant, the evil company… the spoiler warns that Scott Lang is dead in the civil war, so he appears in the movie to gain more influence.

war machine

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

The difference in appearance on their screens is not large. The war machine we will start with the role of “Iron Man”, its appearance has always been a variant of Tony Stark’s unused or modified armor design, so if there is an Iron Man in the universe, the war machine will be His imperfect twin brothers may be equipped with more guns and more serious color schemes.

In Iron Man 3, Roddy’s armor was re-painted just to give the American people a feeling of comfort and trust. Now the American people have doubts about the loyalty of the superpower. In the comics, the first time to wear the Patriot’s armor is Norman Osborn, whose more widely known name is Green Goblin. Of course Osborne is a completely crazy organizational leader, although the armor does provide an extra layer of protection, both physically and under public supervision.


What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

The film “Hulk Hulk” and the comic “Hulk Hulk” are huge green anger, but the MCU Hulk made some huge leap in the initial look. When Bruce Banner became the half-naked giant for the first time, he was gray, and the Hulk soon became green, but occasionally it returned to the gray form, swinging between cleverness and stupidity, depending on The color and what the writer at the time wanted to leave on the Hulk.

The comic book “Hulk Hulk” was radiant in heroic behavior, but the movie “Hulk Hulk” became a monster because of a typical failed scientific experiment. The comic “Hulk” took a few years to slowly transform from a semi-smart gray character to an incoherent green character, but the filming of “The Hulk” decided to ignore the process of the Hulk from sorrow to madness, let him Start with a stupid. The Hulk has undergone many changes. In fact, the latest comic book Hulk seems to have been completely cured by a talented young scientist. Fans may not be ready for a Hulk who can beat them on the edge of danger. But the strange romance of him and the black widow is not flattering.

Black panther

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

For many years, the appearance of Prince Vacanda has not changed much, it has always been a variant of black tights. Sometimes, there is a hole in the mouth and chin, and sometimes there are shawls, tooth necklaces or gold gear. The MCU Panther is similar to the same, but wears a set that looks more technical, and the pattern on the clothes contains protective film.

Marvel comic science can create a device that instantly destroys the universe, but it can never detect neighbors, so Americans didn’t know Wakanda until they introduced Fantastic Four. . When we saw the Panther in the MCU, his country had established diplomatic relations with the rest of the world, and there was no indication that the tribal war was plaguing Vacanda. In the story of Passer, the evil Crow was also omitted. He killed the Panther’s father and tried to steal the vitality of the country—although we did see Crow playing in the Age of Ultron. The same tricks. On the screen, the Panther’s father died in a boring explosion in a political event. Regrettably, we will never see the wedding of the Panthers and the X-Men Storm Girl, because those movie worlds can’t be touched at all, let’s still read comics.


What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

We can’t remember how many people played Spider-Man on the big screen, but this new role is being recognized. Since he appeared in the US Captain 3 Civil War, Spider-Man’s costumes are so funny, no raised straps, no signs that look like energy drinks, just pure Spider-Man. However, MCU Spider-Man seems to wear an unusual half belt, what is going on?

Like most other comic heroes, Spider-Man has changed a lot of different costumes since his first appearance, but his current MCU costumes are typically red and blue.

iron Man

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

To be fair, the Iron Man of the Marvel movie cosmic version is very good. Although Tony replaced armor more often than we could, his film armor accurately reflected his image in the first decade of the 21st century, and Robert Downey Jr. was born for this role. The MCU skipped the bulky armor decades ago and eventually designed a perfect armor for the big screen.

Without the support of Iron Man’s loyal fans, the entire Marvel movie world will not take off. However, compared with Tony Stark in the comic book and the crazy technology he developed, the arrogant billionaire in the movie is basically a otaku. Recently, Tony in the comics has changed, a creepy armor that is conveniently stored in his actual bones, connected to his nervous system, which makes the armored suitcase in Iron Man 2 look Like a bunch of fancy garbage. Whether the MCU will deal with the new “Iron Man” in comics, a 15-year-old super-talented girl named Riri Williams, or the publisher’s upcoming plan to make Dr. Destruction “the infamous Iron Man” remains to be seen. .

Black widow

What should the Avengers superheroes look like better

When it comes to the image of black widows on comics and screens, there really isn’t enough difference. Although the clothes she wore in comic books have undergone subtle changes over the years, both versions have basic elements: red hair, black bodysuits and wrist weaponry. In short, it is almost the same in all important aspects.

At the same time, the Black Widow appeared in five different films including Iron Man 2, Captain America 2, and The Avengers 2. The flashback caused by the blush witch in The Age of Ao Chuang made us understand the history of the widow. When she was young, she was trained as a spy and assassin by the Soviet government. After the eagle eye saved her, she changed her position. Since then she has been an agent of SHIELD and the Avengers. In the comic book, the black widow Natasha also has many similar descriptions, including the training she received in the Soviet Union and the defect to the United States.

What is the story of the Marvel fans, what should the Super League heroes look like in the end? What do you think?