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Gail Kato is ridiculed again, but her real-life wants to have it.

Gal Gadot
She recently sunk the photo of “Wonder Woman 1984” on Ins and was not well-spoken by people. The main “attack object” is the leg of Gail Jiaduo, which is said by the netizens to be short and Crude.

wonder woman cosplay

Gal Gadot shines in the sun
I don’t know what you think? Seal Jun thinks that the shooting angle accounts for a lot of factors, and can only be chopsticks legs to look good? Gail Plus is an asymmetrical, healthy figure that is also beautiful!

Gal Gadot shines in the sun
However, it is not the first time for Gael to discuss the body. As long as she confirmed that she starred in “Wonder Woman”, she attracted the dissatisfaction of the original powder, because the “Wonder Woman” in the comic is full of body, especially the chest and hips are particularly sexy.

And before Gail Plus, there are two generations of a real-life version of “Wonder Woman” for comparison. One is Linda Carter in the 1976 American version of “Wonder Woman”, and the other is Adele, who is 1.80 meters tall. Niparic. Although the appearance of the two “women” did not reach the point of stunning, the body is really close to the comics.

In the generation of Gail Gadot, although she was beautiful, she was thin, her chest was not prominent enough, and she broke the hearts of the original powders. (Jaguar wants to ask you whether it is a movie. of!).

wonder woman cosplay

Gail Gato won the title of “Miss Israel” when she was 19 years old.
What should people do when people are not optimistic about you? Gail Gato gave the best answer – no need to argue so much, just do what you think is right. Without a rich “Wonder Woman”, can’t I create a new image? Gail Jiaduo planned nine months of physical training for himself. The swordsmanship, taekwondo, jujitsu, and Brazilian fights were all practiced one time, eventually increasing the muscle mass by about 8KG. Plump is not the only standard of sex, healthy and powerful women are still sexy.

This generation of “Wonder Woman”, at least you will not only look at her chest, just like the first two “Wonder Woman”, once “bright body” is the strongest standard for Hollywood to determine sexy women. However, when Gail Plus’s version of “Wonder Woman” appeared, she was smart, her eyes were strong, her combat power was perfect, and she was as sexy on the battlefield.

Moreover, Gail Jiaduo had been pregnant for more than two months when she entered the crew, but she insisted on playing in person and never used a substitute from start to finish. It was not until the five months of pregnancy that the figure was prominent, and everyone discovered that Gael, who had been rushing to the scene, was pregnant. Outside the play, she is a “female warrior, she broke the female star’s “law of survival” dare to challenge the rules and is also a female star of the Hollywood rules, generally not a small role. Gail Jiaduo can present for us A magical woman with a sense of power, must have a strong heart, she was born in a Jewish atmosphere of the Israeli family, mother’s education to her is to be an “independent, confident, ambitious person”, this It’s not like the girl’s request, and therefore, you can see the toughness that the average female star does not have in Gail Gadot.

Gal Gadot, childhood photo

wonder woman cosplay

When Gail Gaddu got the title of “Miss Israel”, she could use her well-recognized skin to go to the entertainment circle, but she chose to perform military service. Everyone in Israel has the obligation to perform military service. She does not want to be privileged. She said, “I use the free exchange to understand the rules and respect.” During the two years, Jiaduo got a good physical training and learned to wrestle. Skills, but also mastered a lot of weapons knowledge, which has become the basis of her future action drama (so, the opportunity will always be prepared for people).

In the series of “Speed ​​and Passion” movies, many stunts are her own personal battles. Adding a gun to pick up a gun is more proficient than other stars. A clip in the movie impressed Haijun Jun, and Han asked how to get the fingerprint of the gangster. Gisele, played by Gail, said a word: a man can’t do a woman’s work.

When it comes to “Speed ​​and Passion”, Gail Jiaduo did not return to the entertainment circle after serving in military service but went to college to study law. It seems that in her eyes, a woman’s beauty, in addition to appearance, must have “respect and understanding of the rules” and the reserve of inner knowledge, indispensable. During her college years, she was taken by the director of Speed ​​and Passion, but she asked the director for a role. “If you want me to behave, be sure to add some cool stuff to me.” It is the same in both life and work.

wonder woman cosplay

Jiao said: “In the past, the female characters we saw were all heartbroken girls. This movie makes me proud because Gisele is like a woman empowering, can define you, not “role” but Life, from the “Speed ​​and Passion” series began Gail Jiaduo gradually gained attention, there are more films to come to her, the performing arts business is booming. She works hard at work, clears her goals and spares no effort to pay, but at the same time, she knows that “becoming a star” is only part of her work. This is not the whole job, but it is not the whole of life.

After filming “Speed ​​and Passion 4”, Gael married the Israeli businessman Yaron Versano who has been in love for two years. Out of the screen, she also has her own life – real life.

Gal Gadot and husband Yaron Varsano

Gail Jiaduo and her husband are very loving, and there are two lovely daughters. She taught her daughter what she had learned from her mother. When she heard her daughter say that the prince was brave and fearless, the princess always fell asleep waiting for the prince to wake her up, adding: ” The princess does not have to wait for the prince to wake up, but he can also rely on himself to be his own prince.”

Gal Gadot and daughter Alma

She plays the role of actor, wife, and mother very well, and she is also invited to serve as the United Nations Empowerment Ambassador for Women and Girls to help women gain independence and equality. But when someone used “feminist representative” to describe her, Jiaduo said, “I am independent, very strong, and stubborn, but at the same time, I am also a very gentle person. It is very important to feel that I am a woman.”

Generally speaking, the right woman is very beautifully dressed. In the opinion of Seal Jun, dressing is nothing more than the presentation of your inner world. They say “You are what you eat”, but Haijun Jun thinks “You are what you wear” “So, like Gail Jiaduo, a woman with an independent inner world is generally dressed very beautifully.” This is also a unique gas field, soft and more determined, sexy and more powerful, difficult to imitate and replace.

She is on the red carpet, and she usually chooses a simple dress. The classic suspender skirt is the one she wears the most and does not require so many cumbersome, fancy decorations to sensationalism. The inner light of a person is sometimes the biggest attraction.

Gal Gadot at the 90th Oscars Awards Ceremony in 2018

This dress highlights her tight muscle lines and right-angled shoulders. It is not only plump to be called beauty, but life is more simple to wear. Those comfortable and easy-to-action clothes are her favorite. You can Summarize her wardrobe highlights: white shirts, white T-shirts, jeans, dresses, suits, sneakers, and one or two pieces of accessories.

White Tee and jeans, simply put on an atmosphere, there is a beauty that does not require clothes to decide, she also wears shirt + jeans like us in life, you can also put the shirt into the waistband, oblique A saddlebag, a bright handbag, can light the dark autumn and winter coat,If you are looking for more wonder woman cosplay costumes,Click HERE to see more!

wonder woman cosplay

The website “Shalom Life” has selected “50 of the world’s most talented, brightest, most interesting and most elegant women”. Gail Plus is famous on the natural list. There is no such thing as “beauty” in this selection. However, Haijun Jun believes that: bravely challenge the rules, always know what you want and work hard for it, cherish the income but cherish life more, such a woman is the most beautiful.